Monday, January 19, 2009

Wildlife Wednesday

Every Wednesday the Ogden Nature Center hosts "Wildlife Wednesday". Lincoln and I have gone once before and this last week Anna came too with Baby Ruby. It got a little cold outside by the end but everyone loved the owls. The instructor did a good job of teaching about predators and prey...feel free to quiz Lincoln some time.

In the light (my favorite time of day)

Momma, Lincoln and pouched Ruby

Instructor showing silent owl wing

Where's my rifle?...wait I don't own one.

"Chitters" and volunteer

Pretty eyes

Anna's favorite

Thanks for looking, anyone interested in next weeks display of reptiles? I don't think Anna will be joining you anyway. Click here for more information.

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Texts from Home" aka "Pennies from Heaven"

I haven't been taught the ways of Picasa yet so you'll have to scroll down to see my pics. I thought of this post a couple days ago when I got pictures 3 & 4 sent to me with the plea to "come home it for the children". I love getting pictures on my phone at work, they can make me laugh and help me feel like a part of my wife's life a little more. She is amazing, I couldn't last very long in her job. Hope you all enjoy them as I did.

1- Silly Lincoln

2- Watching movie after bath

3- "For the children" very inspiring

4- Who could refuse this face

5- Cute outfit from yesterday

6- Lincoln at work (it's broken)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Inspired by Collin

After reading Collin's latest post I have decided to join the revolution of blogging. His simple, yet informative approach is refreshing and inspiring...thanks Collin. Till now I have been living vicariously through my wife and her blog (in fact she emailed me Collin's blog today). I'll continue to enjoy her posts and now maybe even rebuttle a few on my own space. I still refuse to join FaceBook, but we'll see.

Hope you enjoy reading, English was not my best subject but I'll pick through it as best I can.

Enjoy some pictures of the fam...

The Dog

After a spill on the sled

Beautiful wife and daughter

Brown eyes